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Featured Circle: PalComix aka PalTeam

Just recently emerging for sale is the new circle Palcomix, who recently sold the book, A Sparring Session, on eBay for over $150 USD!

A Sparring Session by Palcomix  Palcomix on eBay

Second Chance Extended! by Palcomix

An excellent book!


The circle also recently has sold some other books, one parodying Teen Titans called Second Chance, which also has a later released Extended! version having bonus pages with unused art.

I was entertained by the story and the superb artwork contained within this book and highly recommend it among doujinshi collectors and fans of the Teen Titans series.


Second Chance sample







Mario vs. Sonic by Palcomix


Another great book by Palcomix is Mario & Sonic (aka Mario VS. Sonic). This book features characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series and from the Super Mario Bros. series in a crossover that is a great read! The action is great too, plenty enough for everyone!

Palcomix tries to make sure to include as many characters as well, so no one feels left out when their favorite character of the series isn’t “getting it” like all the rest. For instance, this book has panels with Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy, which I have wanted to see in a doujinshi since the video game’s release in 2007. For a more in depth review of the books and circle please check out our Opinions Section.



The team also has a dedicated website, Mobius Unleashed, where fans of the the artwork can see more!